About Us

Setting a new standard for administering opioids and other Rx drugs Intent Solutions provides innovative technology for solving the opioid crisis and is a partner with industry and government in that mission. Our platform is a dispensing device that controls dosage and collects usage data that up to now has been unavailable—data that can prevent the misuse, abuse and diversion of opioids and other prescription drugs.
We provide tad—an acronym for “take as directed,” a smart, portable and programmable dispensing device that is easy to use by patients and caregivers. Through tad, we put the control back into controlled substances. The app that supports it is similar to Fitbit and other lifestyle tools, so it offers an engaging environment in which prescriptions can be adhered to and daily dosage can be monitored and managed. 

Our Mission

To reduce misuse, abuse and diversion of opioid and other prescription medications with technology that improves medication safety and adherence.

Our Vision

To set the new standard for administering opioids and other prescription drugs, rendering current methods obsolete and helping patients use drugs safely. Pain is real and the need for medication is real.