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Intent Solutions™ is a B2B technology, software, and data service company focused on developing solutions, for clinical research, pain management and specialized pharmacy, designed to markedly improve the monitoring and management of medication adherence and providing real-time behavioral data to more accurately measure compliance and efficacy

Our technology is designed to reduce the cost of health care, improve health care outcomes, and prevent the misuse, abuse, and diversion of prescription medications. We believe our technology is the next logical advancement in the way prescription medications are managed by both consumers and professionals.

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A Smart, Mobile, Medication Dispenser

We have smart thermostats, phones with thousands of APPs, and soon, driverless cars. For our personal health, it is time to go beyond the hopeful admonition, “Take As Directed™,” and use smart technology to obtain better health outcomes.

Intent Solutions Smart Portable Medication Dispenser

Think personal and smart – a connected portable device that only dispenses medication at the right dose, at the right time, and most importantly, to the right patient.

Information is one part of achieving and maintaining better health results. A smart medication dispensing device can make this possible.

Pictured on left is our device called tad™, an acronym for "Take As Directed."


Intent Solutions Smart Portable Medication Dispenser

A Streamlined Patient Experience
in a Mobile APP

Mobile adherence in health outcomes. Featuring behavioral data and mobile APP.

Intent Solutions Smart Portable Medication Dispenser

A Real-time Virtual Database

Monitoring & managing behavioral & adherence data yielding real-time adherence and adverse events data from your patients

Intent Solutions Smart Portable Medication Dispenser

Intent Solutions Demo Video

Intent Solutions Smart Portable Medication Dispenser

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