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Barbara Tardiff to Bring Clinical Practice and Research Operations Knowledge

ATLANTA (November 4, 2016) – Intent Solutions™, creator of the breakthrough medical device technology TAD™, is excited to announce the appointment of Barbara Tardiff, M.D., former vice president, development operations, worldwide head, clinical informatics and innovation at Pfizer, to its Advisory Board. Dr. Tardiff brings a wealth of knowledge from her two decades of clinical practice and experience as a clinical investigator.  Over the course of her career she has participated in a broad range of scientific and operational activities related to medical product development, including protocol design, data management, information systems, and interpretation and presentation of study findings.  Dr. Tardiff has extensive operational experience in conducting clinical research in collaboration with many of the world’s major pharmaceutical firms.  She will advise Intent Solutions on issues including product features and capabilities to ensure it addresses drug development and clinical practice needs.

“After learning more about Intent Solutions, I’m excited to see how their device, TAD, can help improve the consistency and decrease latency of data on drug administration and compliance,” explains Dr. Tardiff.  “More reliable and better quality data, which TAD has the unique ability to provide, may ultimately decrease the sample size needed for certain drug trials, resulting in more cost efficient and faster studies.”

TAD, for “Take As Directed,” is a smart, mobile, medication dispenser that helps patients obtain better health outcomes by helping the right patient take the right dose at the right time. TAD records adherence data, which is sent to a cloud database for analysis, reducing errors and simplifying date reconciliation for clinical trials.

“Moreover, I’m excited about the potential impact TAD may have on the sphere of public health by simplifying the execution of a complex drug regimen for a patient,” says Dr. Tardiff. “By improving the compliance with both acute and chronic meds, healthcare providers will be able to deliver better and more consistent outcomes to their patients.”

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