Intent Solutions Looks to Expand Market


ATLANTA – With $1.5 million in new funding on the books, Intent Solutions aims to expand the market for its TAD smart medication dispenser technology.

TAD has been attracting attention from big specialty pharmaceutical companies recently and Sam Zamarripa, president/director of Intent Solutions, hopes to work with them on clinical research to expand the market for the device.

“If we’re successful with big pharma in clinical research, devices like TAD will become ubiquitous,” he said. “As we succeed there, then we can become a standard in home health care.”

TAD, which stands for “Take As Directed,” is a smart, mobile medication dispenser that helps patients take the right dose at the right time, Zamarripa said. The device can be programmed to a specific regimen and schedule, incorporates biometric access and is fully tamper-resistant.

The medication dispenser also records adherence data and sends it to a cloud database for analysis.

“TAD collects a lot of data and streams it in real-time so a health care professional can monitor the patient’s adherence right now,” Zamarripa said. “It’s great because it gives the care provider and the payer information on how you’re doing with the medication.”

Currently, TAD is being marketed specifically for drugs that tend to be very regimented and very expensive, like opioids, and medications that manage chronic pain, Hepatitis C and attention deficit disorder. It is also used with medications that have stability issues and shouldn’t be handled.

“If you want to limit access to medication, TAD is great,” Zamarripa said. “The medication is contained in a special device and you need a special key to open it. It prevents someone from having access to all the medication at once.”

SOURCE: Home Health Technology News