Intent Solutions Welcomes New Advisory Board Member – Chris Hassan


Chris Hassan to Bring Vast Patient Care and Treatment Knowledge

ATLANTA (October 19, 2016) – Intent Solutions™, creator of the breakthrough medical device technology TAD™, is excited to announce the appointment of Chris Hassan, previous CEO at Colonial Management Group, LP, to its Advisory Board. Hassan brings a vast wealth of knowledge from his years overseeing the treatment and medication of tens of thousands of patients with opioid use disorder at Colonial Management Group, LP. Moreover, Hassan has been on the front edge of drug development for major pharmaceuticals including Depot Naltrexone, as well as the commercial introduction of Buprenorphine in the US, which is now the standard of care in office based opioid treatment. As an expert on drug abuse science, he will advise Intent Solutions on issues including TADs ability to help treat opioid use disorder.

“I believe that if Intent Solutions becomes the standard practice for analgesic treatment, it would ensure that patients are appropriately using medications as they are prescribed while also reducing diversion,” explains Hassan on the factors that lead him to join the Advisory Board. “Equally important, the data from the Intent Solutions platform can give practitioners powerful insight for improving outcomes and overall patient care.”

TAD, for “Take As Directed,” is a smart, mobile, medication dispenser that helps patients obtain better health outcomes by helping the right patient take the right dose at the right time. TAD, which can be programed to a specific regimen and schedule, incorporates biometric access and is fully tamper resistant.

“Beyond its use in dependence treatment and prevention, Intent Solutions is a powerful tool for drug compliance among the elderly and people with multiple regimens, like those with HIV,” says Hassan. “Drugs won’t work if they aren’t taken appropriately, and TAD takes away confusion and makes taking medication easy, leading to better health outcomes.”

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