Atlanta-based Company with Device to Fight Opioid Overdoses

An Atlanta-based start-up is preparing to launch a business aimed at providing dispensing devices that make it harder for patients to overuse opioid painkillers.

Intent Solutions will begin selling its TAD – “Take as Directed” – device in December, officials said.

The product is a response to a widespread, national crisis that some argue was sparked by over-enthusiastic marketing and prescribing of opioid medicines.

The Intent Solutions device can be programmed to a particular dosage and is resistant to tampering, officials said. For example, if a painkiller is to be taken every six hours, the pill would be dispensed at six-hour intervals – but not any more frequently.

In recent years, the number of deaths and overdoses has skyrocketed. The result has been more pressure on doctors to ratchet back their prescription-writing. That is not always enough, said Sam Zamarripa, Intent Solutions chief executive and a former Georgia state senator.

“Even with great doctors and groundbreaking medications, patient results will be ineffective if they don’t take their medication as directed,” said Zamarripa.

While pegged to the opioid crisis, the device can deliver all sorts of pills. Company officials said it also can be used by people with “complicated pill regimes,” like those for cancer treatment, or for elderly who might need help remembering to take medicine – and how much to take.

At least at first, the company will sell to pharmaceutical companies, physicians’ groups and some large “specialty” pharmacies.

The company, part of the Advanced Technology Development Center portfolio, raised about $3 million to cover business costs.

Intent Solutions has headquarters in Midtown, although its manufacturing is done in Colorado.