Our Solution

More than a dispenser.
An extension of the pharmacy.

“Take as Directed”—the medical directive is the inspiration for our solution. tad is a connected portable device that only dispenses medication at the right dose, at the right time, to the right patient.
People who use tad view it as an extension of the pharmacy, starting from the storefront or mailbox where prescription drugs are typically picked up and putting it in the hands of the patient and caregiver, where our technology acts as a personal pharmacist to ensure the drugs are being used properly.
By gathering real-time data on adherence and adverse events and transmitting the data to smartphones and the cloud so physicians and clinicians can monitor adherence in real time, tad improves healthcare outcomes, reduces the cost of care, and prevents the misuse, abuse and diversion of prescription medications.

Who benefits?

  • Patients who are on a regimen of opioids and other prescription drugs
  • Caregivers, hospice workers and anyone involved in the administration of prescription drugs
  • Research scientists designing and conducting clinical trials
  • Pharmacists and insurance professionals with companies that provide high-cost, high-touch specialty pharmaceuticals

appreciate the safety, security and peace of mind tad offers.

Healthcare professionals appreciate the value tad provides through tracking data that heretofore has been unavailable in the quest to measure and manage prescription adherence.